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Child Modelling - Everybody starts small!

As you browse in catalogues or magazines, and you can see adorable children posing proudly in the latest fashion. So, you think to yourself: My child can do that, too! If your child is between 2 and 15 years old and they want to become a child model, then go-models is the place to be. A leading international platform for child modelling.


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3 reasons to become a go-kids model:


Jobs in
your area

You decide where you would like to take jobs with your child!


Data protection
is important to us!

Your child's profile is only visible to approved clients!


Together with
your child!

As a parent, you are always by the side of your child! So you can dive into the world of modelling together!

go-models Highlights


go-models Highlights

Think your child could be a model? Then launch their career with go-models. A child’s laughter is a beautiful thing.

  • Easy Application
    Register your child easily and quickly as a children model. We will evaluate your application and notify you within the 48 hours.
  • Online profile
    You can easily and quickly update the child model profile of your child at any time from home.
  • No expensive Comp card!
    We are much more than a classic child model agency because on our model portal your child doesn't need an expensive Comp card to become a children model. After all, your children's Comp card is already included with its children model profile!
  • Find jobs
    With us, you can search directly for jobs for your child and submit applications right away.
  • Data protection
    Your data and that of your child are safe in our database!

All go-models categories!

Baby Model

Baby Model

0-2 years
Child Model

Child Model

2-15 years


15-50 years
Male Model

Male Model

15-50 years
50 Plus Model

50 Plus Model

50-100 years
Plus Size Model

Plus Size Model

18-100 years
Fitness Model

Fitness Model

18-100 years
Tattoo Model

Tattoo Model

18-100 years


How do I get my child into modelling?

If your child is between 2 and 15 years old and wants to become a child model, then go-models is the place to be. Your child doesn't need an expensive comp card to become a children model: It‘s already included in our go-models children model profile!

Is the model profile of my child publicly available?

No, don't worry. Your data and that of your child is safe with us in our database! You decide what registered potential clients can see.

How much do child models make in the UK?

As everywhere in the model business, the same applies to child models: The fees vary and depend on the respective client and the specific assignment.

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