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Become a Curvy Model: Show your curves to the world!


You have a great personality, charisma and fun in front of the camera? Many friends have told you that you are photogenic? You are proud of your curves and love fashionable clothes? And you think there should be a better and wider representation of different women's bodies in fashion? Then you are already on your way to become a Curvy Model!

Body positivity and a natural look are very trendy these days! Because a healthy attitude towards one's own body is now more important to many people than having the allegedly "perfect measurements" whilst constantly having to starve. The extremely slim ideal, which has been held for decades in the fashion industry, is for most of us, who live a healthy lifestyle, not at all attainable. The fashion industry has also adapted to this trend towards more realistic women's bodies and the number of successful Curvy models is constantly increasing. You want to know more? Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions and an overview on the topic of Curvy Models.

What is a Curvy Model?

In the fashion industry, chubby models are officially called "Curvy Models" or "Plus Size Models", and usually wear a size of UK 16, but even if you wear a UK 14 or UK 18, you can still work as a Plus Size Model.


As you may have already seen, for some time now, "Curvy Models" can too participate in the Show Germany's Next Topmodel. But whether Heidi's candidates, with a pretty slim size of UK 10 really are a good representation for chubby models is questioned by many people. Curvy models at GNTM and in other shows should, according to the predominant opinion of viewers, also really represent chubby women.

Did you know that the average woman wears a size UK 14 or UK 16? A large number of female customers therefore want curvy models in advertising, magazines or online shops with whom they can identify, instead of body shapes that correspond to the ideal but not to their personal reality.

Famous Curvy models:

Even though there seems to be a lack of understanding of Plus Size Models on Pro7, there is already a wide variety of successful curvy models on other platforms. Plus Size fashion stars such as Ashley Graham, Denise Bidot, Tara Lynn or Candice Huffine have been showing the way for years and are proving that even big sizes deserve a place on the catwalk!


Almost all of the famous Curvy models can also be found on social media and many of them started their career as influencers or became influencers in a very short time through their modeling career on Instagram and Co. For models, social media is an ideal platform to present the latest pictures, gain recognition and generate a high number of followers, which increases the chance for new clients tremendously.

We will show you here what makes an influencer and how you too can become one: https://go-models.com/magazine/becoming-a-micro-influencer

Fields of action for Curvy Models:

The times in which only extremely slim women were allowed to model are over and the compulsion to show 90-60-90 measurements as a model has been outdated for years! Chubby models are in demand, because many fashion labels such as "Wundercurves" or "Formvollendet" are now specialized in large sizes. But also in the fast fashion industry, chains like H&M, Vero Moda or Mango offer whole collections for larger women from size UK 14 upwards and the demand for curvy models for XL collections and campaigns is constantly growing. Fashion shops like "inCurvy" even exclusively sell Plus Size Fashion and online giants like Zalando now also have a "curvy" filter that helps customers find stylish clothes in their size faster. But also other potential employers, outside the fashion industry, are looking for curvy models. Plus Size Models are also increasingly being integrated in film and television or generally for advertising campaigns in order to appeal to a larger target group. On the part of production companies for TV clips, for campaigns on Instagram and Facebook or even for YouTube videos, new faces are constantly being recruited. As you can see, there are numerous areas of potential work for you as a prospective Plus Size Model.


What do I need to become a Curvy Model?

  • Personality: Regardless of the dress size, an open, friendly and charismatic personality always counts. In addition, a healthy portion of self-confidence is necessary for modelling. "I am beautiful just the way I am!" should become your life motto, because your inner attitude will be visible from the outside. Whether in a tight bikini, a long evening dress or casual jeans and T-shirt, if you are convinced of yourself, your customers will be too.
  • Put yourself in the spotlight: The most important thing about Plus Size modelling is to put your curves in the right light. In order for proportions to look as good in photos as they do in real life, you can pay attention to certain details during the shooting. Sideways positioning or semi-profiles are especially advantageous and frontal shots are less suitable. The use of light can also cleverly accentuate your curves. With private shots in your own four walls, you can practice different poses, on which you will be perfectly shown as a whole in the best possible way.
  • Sedcard: Last but not least you need, like every other model in the business, a convincing sedcard to show potential customers what you can do. In perfect poses and in different outfits you present your versatility.


Here we can show you how a Sedcard-Shooting works: https://go-models.com/magazine/alexandras-comp-card-shooting--just-convincing

Short on cash? Find out how to get a free shooting for professional pictures here: https://go-models.com/magazine/tfp-shooting--get-your-personal-shoot-soon

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