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Even if you have no previous experience in modelling, the world of modelling offers endless possibilities; great, jobs, variety and a chance at meeting new people. Go-models is the place to be! This is the place where models and clients can come together and create great things.

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  • To begin with, apply now as a model
  • Then be contacted directly by clients in your area – or internationally
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In short, 3 reasons to become a go-model:


Jobs – local
and international

You decide where you want to take jobs!


Privacy is
important to us!

Therefore, all clients are checked by us!


No ideal

With us, you do not need ideal dimensions to become a model!

go-models Highlights


go-models Highlights

go-model – Go your way to the fascinating world of modeling!

  • Easy Application
    Register online now easily and quickly as a model. We will evaluate your application and notify you within 48 hours.
  • Online profile
    You can easily and quickly create your model profile and Comp card online and update it regularly.
  • No expensive Comp card!
    We are much more than a classic model agency because on our model portal you don't need an expensive Comp card to become a model. After all, your Comp card is already included with your model profile!
  • Find model jobs
    With us, you can always search for exciting jobs – whether in your area or internationally – and apply directly for suitable model jobs.
  • Privacy protection (data)
    Your data is safe in our database!

All go-models categories!

Baby Model

Baby Model

0-2 years
Child Model

Child Model

2-15 years


15-50 years
Male Model

Male Model

15-50 years
50 Plus Model

50 Plus Model

50-100 years
Plus Size Model

Plus Size Model

18-100 years
Fitness Model

Fitness Model

18-100 years
Tattoo Model

Tattoo Model

18-100 years


How to get into Modeling?

Even if with no previous experience in modeling, the world of modeling offers endless possibilities. Register as a model online now. You don't need an expensive comp card – it is already included with your go-models profile!

How much do models make?

The fees are different and depend on the client, campaign and the job. By all means, please check with the client directly!

Can anyone be a model?

Do you need to be outstanding beautiful, slender with perfect proportions? No, even without ideal measurements you can become a model! Clients and agencies do not only look for the classic high fashion model, but require different kind of people.

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